Mini Saltfish Accra

It's Friday, I'm back with another recipe post. This dish is simple yet a tasty appetizer. I served mine with¬†a spicy tamarind sauce. Some people serve it with ketchup, mustard, pepper even a nice mango chutney sauce. Mini Saltfish Accra Ingredients: 1 cup flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp Goya all purpose seasoning 1/2 … Continue reading Mini Saltfish Accra

31 Days Blogging Challenge

Recently, I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a lot of blogging challenges, so I decide to partake in one. So for the month of July I will be doing a blogging challenge. Hope y'all enjoy ūüôā 31 Days Blogging Challenge What's the meaning behind my blog name? Why do I blog? What are 3 … Continue reading 31 Days Blogging Challenge

Lentil Peas

Now, lentil peas is a staple in my household. This dish could be served over rice, with veggies, some chicken even with dumplings (the best). Some people also add pigtails to the lentils, to do this all need to do is boil your pigtails, drain them, adding them approximately 5 minutes before your dish is … Continue reading Lentil Peas