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Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Game 4 of the NBA Finals, this had to be the most physical game I have seen out of the four games played. Cleveland Cavaliers coming in 3-0 down needed to win to enforce a game 5, and so they did. Cleveland Cavaliers  were at their best in game 4, playing more physical and aggressive, also by limiting their turnovers. The Cavaliers won the game pretty comfortable winning by 21 points, final score being 137-116. This series is surely heating up as game 5 now moves back to Oakland on Monday (6/12/2017). 

Records are somewhat a trend this NBA season, Lebron James passed Magic Johnson’s record for triple-doubles  in NBA Finals history, as he went on to get his 9th triple-double in the game. Adding to history, the Cavaliers also broke the record for 3-pointers at the NBA Finals getting 24 3-pointers on the night, the record was previously held by the Warriors which was set in Game 2 of the Finals this year. Cleveland got off to a quick start as Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and JR Smith lead the way, getting to a 29-6 in the opening minutes of the game, this was their greatest lead since the start of the finals. First quarter action ended with the Cavaliers leading 49-33, also setting a record for number of points in a quarter. By the half the score was 86-68, setting an all-time playoff record. 

Photo Courtesy: USA Sports Today

Things were getting pretty heated at the game with some hostility being shown by players. In this game there were 7 technical fouls passed and a flagrant 1 foul. Kevin Durant and Lebron James got into it having some exchange of words, even Iman and Zaza had a scuffle, Matt Barnes and a fan also had some exchange of words which lead to the ejection of the fan. They was a confusing moment in the game when it appeared that Draymond Green was ejected from the game for picking up his second technical foul. Fortunately, for him there was an error recorded on the box score. Apparently, the technical foul recorded to Green’s name in the first half of the game was actually supposed to be a towards the Warriors coach Steve Kerr. 

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images – Reaction from Draymond Green and Steve Kerr as Green was hit with a 2nd technical. There was an error though he just had 1 technical to his name.

Top scorers for the Cavaliers went to Irving (40 pts), James (31 pts), Love (23 pts) and Smith (15 pts). Three point shooting for the Cavs, just stunning to watch on the night. They controlled that 3 point arc. Smith’s 15 points came from just hitting 3-pointers, Love got 6, Kyrie 7 and James 3. The Cavaliers bench totally showed up on the night as they put on 23 points combined. Offensively the Cavs stepped up tremendously.  Leading the way for the Warriors was yet again Kevin Durant getting another 30+ points on the night ending on 35 pts with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Draymond’s rebound game was exceptional as he got some 14 rebounds for the Warriors, alo scoring 16 points. Stephen Curry’s game was hard to watch as he missed shots consistently. Usually his 3-point game is remarkable, however he managed just 2/9 , he ended on 14 points. 

We now wait to see what will take place in game 5. Could the Cavs make it to a game 6? Hmmmmm…..I wonder. 







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