Photo Courtesy: AP Photo (Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Oh what a game this was. Game 5 of the NBA Finals was energetic, aggressive and great to watch as both teams played some remarkable basketball. For the past three years these two took a go at each other in the finals. Golden State Warriors won in 2015 and Cleveland Cavaliers won in 2016.

On winning their (GSW) first three games in the finals, the Warriors were just one win away from another championship. With the energy of the crowd, it surely boosted the atmosphere of the game. Both teams started off pretty aggressive, getting the ball into the basket consistently. Three point shooting on the night was just accurate, combined together there were 32 3-pointers scored. 

Photo Courtesy: AP Photo (Marcio Jose Sanchez)


The Cavaliers were quite impressive on the night with the starters giving it all they got, leading the scoring for them were Lebron James (41 pts), Kyrie Irving (26 pts), JR Smith (25 pts) and Tristan Thompson (15 pts). Just  to note, the majority of Smith’s points came from 3 pointers as he scored 7/8. With four players being used from the bench, they had a combined total of 7 points. The Cavaliers defense was sometimes quite bad as the Warriors sneaked in some easy layups. Leading the way for the Warriors were Kevin Durant (39 pts), Stephen Curry (34 pts) and Andre Iguodala with 20 points coming in from the bench. Yet again the Warriors bench outscored the Cavs bench getting  35 points, which was very vital.On the night the Warriors passing of the ball was just incredible, so quick and clean. 

Photo Courtesy: AP Photo (Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Eventually, the Golden State Warriors went on to win their 2nd NBA title in 3 years., final score 129-120. MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the finals went to no other than Kevin Durant, winning his 1st NBA title. 

Photo Courtesy: AP Photo (Marcio Jose Sanchez)


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