31 Days Blogging Challenge


Recently, I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a lot of blogging challenges, so I decide to partake in one. So for the month of July I will be doing a blogging challenge.

Hope y’all enjoy πŸ™‚

31 Days Blogging Challenge

  1. What’s the meaning behind my blog name?
  2. Why do I blog?
  3. What are 3 of my pet peeves.
  4. What are 10 of my favourite foods?
  5. An old photo of me
  6. What are 5 of my favourite movies?
  7. 15 songs I love now
  8. Reshuffle my ipod and post the first 10 songs
  9. If I won the lottery
  10. My favourite hobbies
  11. My favourite season and why
  12. How do I unwind after a long day?
  13. What TV show are you addicted to?
  14. 5 things I will like to learn to do
  15. Share a recipe
  16. My zodiac sign and do I think it fits my personality?
  17. What kind of person attracts me?
  18. One thing I will always do…
  19. Happiness is
  20. 5 of my favourite quotes
  21. Top 5 bands
  22. A country I will like to visit
  23. What I ate today?
  24. Some of favourite sportsmen and sportswomen
  25. What’s my workout routine?Β 
  26. A favourite song lyrics.
  27. My favourite artiste
  28. My guilty pleasures
  29. Three of my fears
  30. Views on social media
  31. Thank you


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