Blogging Challenge – Days 30 & 31

July 30th -  Views on social media Social media could be good and bad. It's good for keeping in touch with family and friends, promoting your business and brands, keeping up with news around the world, just to name  few.  It could be bad when a person may try to portray someone that they are … Continue reading Blogging Challenge – Days 30 & 31

Blogging Challenge – Days 28 & 29

I decided to combined days 28 and 29 together, since both were short.  July 28th - Guilty pleasures Going to give y'all three of my guilty pleasures. Dipping potato chips in ice-cream 🙂 Dancing home alone Potato chips - Pringles (Sour cream and onion) , Tortillas (Nacho) July 29th - Three of my fears Water … Continue reading Blogging Challenge – Days 28 & 29

Blogging Challenge – Day 23

July 23rd- What I ate today? Breakfast - Homemade gluten free banana bread, filled with oats and walnuts. Served with eggs and bacon. Lunch - A simple salad, filled wit lettuce,cucumber, pineapples and apples. Dinner - Saltfish (codfish) with provisions (sweet potatoes, green fig, plantains) and dumplings. Dessert - Pineapple cake  and Neapolitan ice-cream.

Blogging Challenge – Day 21

July 21st - Top 5 bands This is a hard one to answer, I have so many. Some of the bands included in this list aren't together anymore, but hey...they produced some lovely music together in my opinion. My top 5 musical bands/groups are, in no particular order. Coldplay OneRepublic Day 26 B2K Destiny's Child