Blogging Challenge – Day 6

July 6th – What are 5 of my favourite movies?

My top 5 movies are:

  • Batman – Now when I say batman, I mean any movie that has batman in it. Dark Knight Rises, Batman Begins, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin etc. Batman is one of my favourites characters.
Image result for batman
Photo Courtesy: Bing Images
  • Titanic – I actually still cry anytime I watch this movie…lol
Image result for titanic
Photo Courtesy: Bing Images
  • The Parent Trap – One of my favourite childhood movies, recently watched it. 
Image result for the parent trap
Photo Courtesy: Bing Images
  • Pocahontas – One of my favourite Disney movies, I know all the songs in the movie and love singing them. 
Image result for pocahontas
Photo Courtesy: Bing Images
  • Think Like A Man – Pretty funny movie to me. 
Image result for think like a man
Photo Courtesy : Image

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