Blogmas 2017 – Day 15

Day 15, I love, love the Christmas season, however there are a few things I dislike about the season.
So, here are three things I dislike about Christmas.
Supermarkets – You may go to the supermarket for two or three items, ready to cash and the lines are super long and you are all the way to the end of the line. Thank God there’s music in the supermarket to help the time past by. Sometimes you go for two or three items and end up leaving with 10+ items 🙄
Malls – Stores in the malls are so overcrowded, it’s so hard to move around. But, hey we gotta get what we gotta get 😎
Over Eating – Whole year you are trying to lose weight, then Christmas comes, you best say goodbye to that five pounds you lost last month 😂. Just kidding, everything in moderation. Don’t over eat this year 👍.
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