Blogmas 2017 – Day 23 & 24

Today you are getting a double dose of Blogmas 2017, I’ll be doing both days 23 and 24, anyway let’s get into it. ☺

Day 23

Christmas Traditions In My Home

🎄 Everyone in the household gets a new bed set, in addition everyone will get a new pair of pajamas. One final tradition is everyone will sit at the table for all major meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, since throughout the year everyone schedules are different. Those are just some of the Christmas traditions in my household.

Day 24

Finally, I’m posting My Christmas tree. In my household we are usually late with the decorations and putting up the Christmas tree. Surprisingly this year we got the tree up on the 20th. This Christmas tree is approximately 10 years old, but very faithful to us…lol. Decorations on the tree are a mixture of old and new.The theme on the tree us basically the same each year, using the colors gold, green and red. The gifts under the tree are just empty boxes wrapped, used for decorations.

Anyway here’s the tree…..🎄

IMG-20171221-WA0001 (2)
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree 🎄

The following ornaments below are all 10+ years. 

WP_20171221_19_02_42_Pro 1WP_20171221_18_48_11_Pro

This is my favourite ornament on the tree 😍

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