Mixup Mondays #1

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog and my first post for the New Year, also my first edition of  “Mixup Mondays”. At the beginning of each year I set out goals that I will like to achieve, this year there are nine things that I will like to accomplish by December 31st, 2018.  Since I will be discussing each goal in detail, this post will be divided into two parts.

Anyway, let’s get to those goals.

GOALS FOR 2018 – Part 1

✨ Blogging

After starting this blogging journey back in May of 2017, I have developed a special love for it. For this year I will like my blog to grow, change the visual design and eventually upgrading to the premium package that WordPress offers. Blogging allowed me to interact and develop friendships from persons all over the world.

Sometimes getting posts up could be hectic for me, so I have decided from this year forward to schedule certain days for blogging. With that being said, I will now be posting content on Mondays (Mixup Mondays), Wednesdays (Weight Loss Wednesdays), Fridays (Foodie Fridays) and Saturdays (Sporty Saturdays). By scheduling these days, it gives me more time to read you guys posts.

✨ Education

Since obtaining my Associates Degree in Operating Systems Management last year, I’m even more motivated to get my Bachelors Degree. However, I will be diving into another study area. In September of this year, I will like to start my Bachelors Degree in Youth Development Work with a Minor in Management Studies. Hoping that everything works out when it’s time to begin.

✨ Learn to drive

Now, I’m 25 soon to be 26 and can’t drive, not ashamed though. However, I’m really tired of traveling to and from destinations. It’s time for me to get that driving skill going, plus I will be saving money, well once I obtain a car once I have learned the skill.

✨ Explore my country

Although being a very small one on the world’s map, my beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago is full of places to explore. This year is the year that I explore some of these places.

List of places I will like to visit include the following:

🕶 Emperor Valley Zoo (Can’t remember the last time I visited the zoo)

🕶 Asa Wright Nature Centre

🕶 Maracas Beach

🕶 Mount St.Benedict Monastery

🕶 National Museum & Art Gallery

🕶 Gasparee Caves

🕶 La Brea Pitch Lake

🕶 Harry’s Water Park

🕶 Our Lady of Lourdes Church

✨ Reading

I’m not a big fan of reading which is bad, reading is essential in life. So for this year, I set out to read at least 25 books. My library card has been renewed, definitely will be borrowing books, also I may buy some myself.

This is the end of “Goals For 2018 – Part 1”. Those mentioned above are just five of the goals I will like to accomplish for this year, do come back next week Monday for Part 2.

Thanks for reading. 💖 

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