Saying Goodbye To 2017

I just couldn’t leave the year without a final blog post for 2017. Can you believe it’s already over? It just flew by for me. You know each year we set out different goals or resolutions, sometimes we aren’t able to get to them all. However, you are being given another year to achieve those goals or resolutions.

This year for me has been somewhat challenging, although I did achieve two major things I planned for the year.

Graduated – I finally graduated from College doing my Associate’s Degree in Operating Systems Management. Lord knows however much I wanted to drop out and just give up on school, thank God I didn’t. I made a post when I graduated, to check it out you can click on the link provided Graduation 2017.

Blog – After procrastinating for so long I finally started my blog back in May. Absolutely love blogging and reading my fellow bloggers post. Through this blogging experience, I have meant some incredible people whom I have developed personal relationships with.Β 

Whether you are ringing in the New Year in church, with family and friends or at a New Year’s event, do have an awesome day and remember to be safe. I pray that this upcoming year of 2018, will be one of success and positivity to you all.

All the best for the New Year to you and your families.

Happy New Year, Cheers πŸ₯‚ πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡πŸŽŠΒ 

Β© Shinavy Blogs

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