Mixup Mondays #2

Welcome back to my blog once again, trusting that you all had a wonderful weekend. Today’s post is a continuation of last week’s post about my goals for 2018. If you haven’t read part 1 to this post you can by clicking on the following link, Mixup Mondays #1.

GOALS FOR 2018 – Part 2

✨ Weight Loss/ Healthier Lifestyle – This weight loss journey is something that I have struggled with over the years to complete. For the year of 2018, I am going to lose 40lbs. The journey to becoming healthier isn’t just a temporary thing but more of a lifestyle change for me. Once these pounds have fallen off my mission is to keep them off.

✨ Religious/ Spiritual – Last year I lacked in attending church in my parish, this year that needs to change I need to be more attentive. I’m on a mission to getting closer to God and really studying the bible. Started the year well with attending Mass over the weekend, hoping to continue throughout the year. 

✨ Take a trip – I have never been on a plane before, surely will like to experience one. For the July/August vacation, my plan is to visit my country’s sister island Tobago. Although it’s just about 5-10 minutes away via plane, I will like to experience it. I have been to Tobago in the past however my mode of transport was via boat.

✨ Try new things – Learning and experiencing new things is always a good thing. This year I plan to learn some new skills and find some new hobbies.

So, guys, that’s a wrap on my goals for 2018, well major ones. I do hope that all the goals that you guys have planned for 2018 are accomplished.

Thank you for reading 💖.

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