Weightloss Wednesday #5

Welcome back to another edition of “Weightloss Wedneaday”, January is over already. Today I will be updating you guys on my progress thus far. So in total for this year I will like to lose 40 pounds. Initially, for this month of January my plan was to drop 8 of these pounds, however that didn’t happen, I dropped just 5.3 pounds. Although I didn’t meet the 8 pounds mark, I’m still happy that I lost some, progress is better that no progress. I’m going to be honest with you guys, some days I did slip up and didn’t stick to the plan. Overall, the last month has been successful, I feel less bloated and could finally fit back in some of my jeans. Looking forward to next month. For the month of February my plan is to lose 10 pounds.

Starting Weight: 200lbs

Goal Weight For 2018: 160lbs

Current Weight: 195.7lbs

Weight Lost: 5.3lbs

Thank you for reading. 💖 

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