Foodie Fridays #5

For this edition of “Foodie Fridays”, I’ll be switching it up a bit from the regular recipes. Today I’ll be answering 15 questions that are in relation with food. Let’s get to the questions now, hope you guys enjoy. 😊

1. Chicken or beef

Answer: Chicken

2. Shrimp or fish

Answer: Fish, don’t like shrimp

3. Eat in or eat out

Answer: Definitely eat in, I like to cook

4. Juice or soft drinks

Answer: Juice, grapefruit, orange or lemonade my favourites.

5. Soup or salad

Answer: Gimme a salad, not a fan of soups

6. Indian or Chinese

Answer: Both

7. Favourite ice-cream

Answer: Cookies and cream

8. Favourite snack

Answer: Pringles  (Sour cream and onion)

9. Favourite fruit

Answer: Watermelon 

10. Favourite breakfast

Answer: Fried plantain, aloo and bake with a cold glass of peanut punch

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Answer: Butterfinger, Pringles, ice-cream

12. What’s on top your pizza?

Answer: Green peppers, pineapple, bacon and cheese 

13. What’s your favourite fast food outlet?

Answer: KFC….lol

14. What’s your favourite cooking program?

Answer: On television Food Network, The Pioneer Women, Chopped, Kids Baking Champions and on YouTube Laura in the Kitchen.

15. What are two foods you dislike?

Answer:  Bananas and beets

Thank you for reading. 💖

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