Mixup Mondays #7

“Carnival time now in meh country…..”,blessed Monday to one and all, welcome to yet another edition of “Mixup Mondays”. Today I will be sharing with you guys something about my culture here in Trinidad and Tobago.

For the next two days, Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th, we will be celebrating a major cultural event called Carnival. Foreigners from all parts of the world come to my country this time of year to experience “The Greatest Show On Earth”. Before the big two days, there were several competitions and fetes (parties) that took place which led up to the two days. Some of those competitions included, Calypso Monarch, International Soca Monarch, Panorama, Kaisorama and Kiddies Carnival just to name a few.

The following are just three of the winning performances from some of the major competitions this year.

Calypso Monarch –  Helon Francis – Change

International Soca Monarch – Voice – Year For Love

Panorama – BP Renegades, Year For Love

The following photos are from this year’s Red Cross Kiddies Carnival.

Photos Credit 📸: Sureash Cholai 





Soca and Calypso music is an essential part of Carnival, some radio stations will suddenly pause on all other genres of music and simply play soca and calypso. This year for carnival there were some songs that I could repeat over and over and not get annoyed. I made a top ten list of soca songs that I really enjoyed listening to for this carnival season, you can click on the link provided for each song to take a listen if you please.


1. Erphaan Alves – Overdue

2. Kes – Hello

3. Voice – Year For Love

4. Machel Montano – Take It Slow

5. Voice x Marge Blackman – Full Of Vibe

6. Sekon Sta – Aye Yo

7. Machel Montano x Superblue – Soca Kingdom

8. Turner – Champions

9. Orlando Octave – Love You So

10. Kes & Patrice Roberts – Like It Like That

Thank you for reading. 💖

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