Weightloss Wednesdays #6

It’s Wednesday, time for another post about weightloss. Sometimes weightloss could be a difficult thing, however it doesn’t have to been. With that being said, in today’s post I will be discussing three ways that should help keep you motivated throughout your weightloss journey.


Just get up and start. Ain’t nobody going to lose the weight for you.


So, you may see someone else on a weightloss journey whether it be on Instagram, YouTube etc. Our bodies aren’t designed and do not function the same way, never compare someone else’s weightloss to yours. What may work for someone else, may not work for you. 


Dropping pounds could take some time. You may drop 10 pounds one month, then the next month comes around and you just drop 5 pounds, which is still good. Be kind to yourself, have patience the pounds will go. #TrustTheProcess

Thank you for reading. 💖 

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