Weightloss Wednesdays #7

Hey, hey it’s the final day of the month, goodbye February. As you know each month I will be giving a simple update on how my weight loss journey.

This month of February, I must admit was a tough one. I got the flu not once but twice in this month. Staying on track of eating well and exercising daily was a major struggle. Despite all of the shortcomings I managed to lose a total of 1.2lbs. Although this wasn’t the results I intended for this month, I still dropped a pound.

March is just some hours away and I’m excited to get back on my weightloss train. Ideally, I will like to lose approximately 8lbs for the month of March since I didn’t get to the number I wanted to lose in February.

Starting Weight: 200lbs

Goal Weight For 2018: 160lbs

Current Weight: 194.5lbs

Weight Lost: 6.5lbs

Thank you for reading. 💖 

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2 thoughts on “Weightloss Wednesdays #7

  1. You can do it mama!! My goal is 165 and I’m currently 182 started at 212. What helps me is writing down why I wanna work out. Realizing that no one can reach my goals. I believe you can do it!! And I’m here to talk if you ever need it ❤

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