Mixup Mondays #10

Welcome back to “Mixup Mondays”, today I will be sharing with you guys my trip to La Brea Pitch Lake. To begin the pitch lake is located in the south-western part of Trinidad. Being the major supplier of asphalt in the world, it is used for the paving of roads and even airport runways, one of the tour guides even mentioned that this same asphalt was used to build the roadway infront of the Buckingham Palace, England. 


Inside The Museum 

There a little museum that you can walk through, take pictures and learn some history. The following are some of the pictures that I took when inside the museum. 





Tour Of The Pitch Lake

When the tour started the rain began to pour making it very hard for the tour guide to continue, therefore the tour guide suggested we go back and get shelter. After 15 minutes the rain held up and the tour finally commenced. On entering into the gates of the pitch there were some ponds with beautiful pink and purple flowers inside them. According to the tour guide, the flowers only bloom in the day then closes at night, I found that very interesting. The ponds also accommodate caimans (this is an animal similar to an alligator), up to 10 feet long, when she said that I wanted to go back…..lol, thankfully there wasn’t any present at that time.


Just a simple overview of the pitch lake. 

Continuing on the tour, approaching was the pitch lake itself, which is very huge. Walking there was change in texture from hard to a more soft feeling. Throughout the pitch lake there are burping sounds and loads of bubbles which are gases escaping from the pitch. The tour guide notes if those gases don’t escape there can be a major eruption. 

There are pools of water that contain sulfur which is said to help with skin conditions and even joint pains. With this being said you can actually bathe in those pools of water, which is very relaxing. Also there’s an area which contains mud, that could be used for a facial, interesting isn’t it?

Moving along on the tour, there’s a part where the pitch literally come alive. So, for this to work you will need to throw some of water from the pools of water onto the pitch and walk on it with no shoes on. This was one of the best feelings ever, feels like you are getting a massage.

Bubbles seeking through the surface.
Area to “massage” your feet
Little pond where you can get mud for your facials.

Tips For Visiting The La Brea Pitch Lake

  • Walk with extra clothes, because you never know when the rain will fall.
  • For walking on the pitch lake, you should go with an older sneaker or slippers that you don’t use often.
  • Basic essentials like water, umbrella, sunglasses etc.
  • There’s also a nice sheltered area where you can have a meal, a little picnic.
  • Small containers, bottles so take some of the water or mud with you if you please.

Well that’s a wrap for this post, so if any of you ever visit Trinidad are from Trinidad and Tobago, you definitely need to visit this wonder of the world.

Thank you for reading. 💖

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