Mixup Mondays #11

Hey guys, didn’t post last week because of connectivity issues, however I’m back again with yet another post on this beautiful Monday. Today’s post I’m sharing with you a gift item that I got on my birthday back on February 14th 2018. My cousin gifted me this pair of gold worded cuff bracelets engraved them were: “Celebrate Life” and “You Are Enough”. Each day that you open your eyes you should surely give thanks and be grateful since you never know when you will be gone. You should definitely celebrate life each day, I’m not saying go out and party and act the fool now. Pick up a new hobby, travel, explore, don’t just sit and let the days pass you by, get up today and celebrate life. 

Social media has a big influence in today’s society, especially the youths. I have seen so much things that some young folks, teenagers to be specific post up to get many likes and comments, the attention that some of these youths are attracting is sometimes not the best. Sometimes we may be on a journey example, weight loss and may come across someone who is also on a weight loss journey. That person may drop more pounds in a specific time and you start to wonder what you are doing wrong. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS, YOU ARE JUST BLOCKING YOUR BLESSINGS just know that you are enough.

New Phototastic Collage

Thank you for reading. 💖

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