Weightloss Wednesdays #9

Blessed Wednesday to all and welcome to another edition of “Weightloss Wednesdays”.

Eating healthy is an essential part in weight loss, so for this post I will be sharing with you a typical “What I eat in a day”. Going to be honest I’m not the healthiest when it comes to eating, however I try my best.  I usually will have three heavy meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner, to avoid temptation in grabbing a snack. During the week I will only drink water, however over the weekend I will have a glass of juice with one of my meals. The meals that I will be sharing are from Monday 19th March 2018, only meal that has a drastic change throughout the week is dinner. 

So here’s a typical “What I Eat In a Day” in the form of pictures: 

Breakfast: Gluten free chocolate, almond banana muffin with eggs and turkey sausage.
Snack: Watermelon and a pear
Lunch: Cucumbers, watermelon and orange
Dinner: Soup with green figs, sweet potatoes, cassava and corn

Thank you for reading. 💖

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