Foodie Fridays #9

Hey there readers, welcome back to another edition of "Foodie Fridays". Today I will be making a quick and easy drink, Peanut Butter Chocolate Punch. Let's get into the recipe..... Ingredients: 1½ cup ice 1¾ cup milk 1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder 5 tbsps. peanut butter 4 tbsps. brown sugar 1 tsp. vanilla essence  Directions: … Continue reading Foodie Fridays #9

Weightloss Wednesdays #12

Hey there readers, and special welcome back to another edition of "Weightloss Wednesdays". Today I'm going to share with you some benefits that I have recognized by using oatmeal. Three benefits of using oats/oatmeal This maybe a little TMI, but it helps me go in the toilet regularly , sometimes I would ave struggle with … Continue reading Weightloss Wednesdays #12