Weightloss Wednesdays #11

Hey there readers, welcome to yet another edition of “Weightloss Wednesdays”, today I will be sharing with you guys my first week experience of Shaun T’s T-25 Alpha round. This Alpha round will continue for the next four weeks. In the past I have attempted this program on several occasions, however didn’t have the strength to complete it. I honestly believe the major reason for not being able to complete on the first try was lack of preparation.

Taking you back a little, one day I decided that I was too fat and felt very unhealthy, which resulted in me trying the program. However, I didn’t prepare myself mentally and physically for this challenge, it’s definitely true when they say “if you don’t prepare, prepare to fail.” After completing approximately two weeks of the program I stopped.

This year I made it my duty to get my mind and body fully prepared for this challenge. For the past three months (January-March), I developed a plan to work with before I started the T-25 program in April. During the mentioned months I did yoga, walking and worked out using the elliptical. Once I practiced this daily, the first week of the Alpha stage was pretty easy do, back when I didn’t prepared, after the first day my body would have been in constant pain for approximately a week. Now that I prepared myself the pain just lasted some hours.

The best part of this program is, it’s just a 25 minutes workout daily, I can safely say that the first week of the Alpha stage was a complete success, which made me more motivated and determined to keep going and finally push through to complete the program. 

Now, I’m no doctor or physician, however I do recommend this program to anyone out there, if needed do consult your doctor or physician first. 

Thank you for reading. 💖

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