NBA Finals 2018 – Preview

Here were are again, for the fourth year straight the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers meet again for yet another NBA Finals. Now, I wasn’t born in the 1980’s but this match-up reminds me of the Boston Celtics and Los Angles Lakers rivalry. 

This has been one of the best post-seasons I have seen for the NBA thus far, both Western and Eastern Conference Finals going to seven games. To be honest I was hoping for a Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics Finals.

Just to back track a bit, how did those game sevens arrive? Missing two of their key players in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, there were a lot of folks that said that the Boston Celtics was going to be swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers, they surely proved them wrong. After winning their first two games at home, the Celtics gave some hints that they were capable of heading to the NBA Finals. However, this wasn’t to be as their struggles at away games continued, losing all their away games. When it came down to that crucial game 7, Celtics playing at home undefeated in the playoffs, the Cavaliers powered through and defeat the Celtics for the first time at home during the playoffs. Despite losing the series 4-3 the Celtics played with a lot of heart and fight, I bet you they are going to be even better in the next season. 

Heading over to the Western Conference Finals, in my opinion the Houston Rockets was the only team that could actually beat the Golden State Warriors and advance to the NBA Finals. Just like the Celtics-Cavaliers series, headed to a game seven. Unfortunately, for the Houston Rockets tragedy struck as one of their role players Chris Paul injured his right hamstring in the final minute of game 5, he didn’t play for games 6 and 7. In game 7, the Houston Rockets was leading at the half, but when that third quarter came around, the Golden State Warriors basically destroyed them scoring 33 points where as the Rockets scored just 15 points. The second half for the Rockets was just embarrassing to watch, missing shot after shot from the deep, they scored 7 out of 44 from the 3 point line, missing 27 in a row, huh??…..nothing was going in for them. Eventually, the Warriors carried on and won the game moving on to the NBA Finals.

Unless, every player on the Cavaliers plays their heart out and attack the Warriors, there’s noway they could beat this Golden State Warriors super team, just my opinion.  

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers
Photo Courtesy: Michael Hickey/Getty Images

My Prediction: 

Warriors in 5

Game 1- Cavaliers 88, Warriors 101

Game 2- Cavaliers 110, Warriors 123

Game 3- Cavaliers 110, Warriors 107

Game 4- Cavaliers 94, Warriors 103

Game 5- Cavaliers 112, Warriors 121

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