Weightloss Wednesdays #13

Hey there readers, welcome back to another edition of “Weightloss Wednesdays”, it been awhile since I’ve posted in this category of my blog. Today I will be sharing with y’all a “What I eat in a day” post, the meals and snacks being shared were eaten on Tuesday 14th August 2018. I’m going to keep it real, everything isn’t healthy, moderation is key, right??? Not mentioned is my water intake, I drink my water from a 320z (950ml) bottle, my total water intake for the day was 160oz (4750ml) which is five bottles.

What I Eat In A Day

  • Breakfast (9:00 am)

Toasted some wholewheat bread, just mashed some avocado pieces onto of it with a sprinkle of Mrs.Dash (Original Blend) on top for some flavour. I served the avocado toast with one scrambled egg. 


  • Snack 1 (12:30 pm)

Started to feel hungry around 12:30 pm, decided to have myself a snack. I just had 1½ apples with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 


  • Lunch (3:30 pm)

Saltfish with provisions: Cassava, sweet potato, plantain and green fig. This was a pretty heavy meal, keeps you full for sometime.


  • Snack 2 (Sometime after 4pm)

Wasn’t really hungry, just was feeling for dessert. Seriously wanted to eat the entire bar, but I just had half and saved the other half for the next day. 


  • Dinner (7:30 pm)

Had a very light dinner, made a simple salad; lettuce, apples, cucumbers and pineapple.


Thank you for reading. 💖

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