Blogging Goals For 2019

First blog post for the year, no better way to start by sharing my blogging goals for this year. So, here are my four major blogging goals for 2019. 

Goal 1: Self Host/ Have A New Design

Almost two years since the start of “Shinavy Blogs” and I’m ready to go self-host, wanted to make this move last year but it didn’t happen. Declaring that it will happen in 2019. Currently, I working on redesigning the look of my blog, once I go self-host I will be adding the new design. 

Goal 2:  Grow Viewing

Currently, my viewing stands at 8519 with over three hundred followers. For this year I will like to grow my viewing to 12,000 and gain up to five hundred followers. 

Goal 3: Have An Effective Blogging Schedule

The blogging schedule used in the year 2018 for my blog was posting, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday each week. However, this didn’t work out since my life has become somewhat hectic over the past year. So, for 2019 my posting schedule will be five blog posts a month. In order to keep this schedule consistent, I plan to take a day for just typing and scheduling my blog post for each specific month. Hopefully, this scheduling will work. 

Goal 4: Invest In A Good Camera/Phone

Will be investing in a phone or camera that takes quality pictures, love taking pictures for my blog. 

Thank you for reading. 💖

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6 thoughts on “Blogging Goals For 2019

  1. Some great goals here and it’s so important to find a posting schedule which works for you! Last year I started posting 3 times a week and keeping the other days open for sponsored content / product reviews etc but it got to the point where I was posting 7 days a week sometimes multiple weeks in a row and it got so overwhelming! So now I publish 2 of my own posts a week on Monday and Thursday and that works much better for me 🙂 Very best of luck with your goals, I’m sure you’ll do great with all of them! ❤

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