NBA Playoffs 2019 – My Predictions

Shinavy Bracket

NBA Western Conference 2019

There’s no way possible that the LA Clippers is going to advance to the second round facing the Golden State Warriors, a miracle will need to take place. Utah Jazz has been playing some decent basketball for the season, but they’re not going to get past the Houston Rockets. The most anticipating competition for me in this first round is Portland Trail Blazers vs Oklahoma City Thunder, think each game will go down to the final minute even seconds of the game. However, I visioning Portland to move on to the second round. Although many won’t agree with me I do believe that the Houston Rockets will defeat the Golden State Warriors and advance to the Western Conference Finals, where they will face the Portland Trail Blazers. 

NBA Eastern Conference 2019

Despite being a committed Boston Celtics fan, I’m not going to be biased. In the second round, I predict that the Celtics will face the Bucks if the Celtics are to beat the Bucks they will need to play some excellent basketball because the Bucks has been at their best this season. Although I’m not too convinced with the Toronto Raptors making it to the second round, since they are known for flopping at the playoffs year after year,  I’ll still pick them over the Orlando Magic since I believe that they’re a better team. If the Raptors do advance to the second round they going to sweep, yes I said it, sweep the Philadelphia 76ers and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals where they will face the Milwaukee Bucks. 

NBA Finals 2019

If my predictions are right, the NBA Finals 2019 will be something not to miss. I convinced that the match between the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks will be intense, firey and there will be seven games no doubt about it. 

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