Celebrating Two Years

Oh how time flies, it’s two hundred plus posts, over 10K views and two years since the start of “Shinavy Blogs.” Thankful to all my followers throughout these two years that have supported and sought interest in my blog, you guys are amazing. This blogging journey has been a very interesting one thus far, looking forward to bigger and brighter things in the near future. 

1. Logo & Upgrade

This year has brought some changes to my blog, which include the following: 

  1. Upgrade – Wanted to get rid of “.wordpress” to give my blog a more professional feel, also experience more features that were offered. Upgraded to a personal plan, next move is to buy one of the premium themes offered. 
  2. Logo – Decided to reach out and support fellow blogger, Syd + Em Studios, to create my logo and header for my blog. Feel free to check them out over at Syd + Em Studios



2. Q & A

A special welcome to my new followers, the following is especially for you, to know a little about Shinavy Blogs. 

  1. Why I started blogging? – Blogging was something that I wanted to do for some time, just woke up one day I decided to make it a reality. 
  2. How did I come up with my blog name? – So, the name “Shinavy” came from two things, my name “Shinelle” and an artist by the name Tory Lanez, who categorize his music as “Wavy”. Took the”Shin” from my name and “avy” from wavy which created “Shinavy”.
  3. What my blog is about? – The content on my blog, consist of Sports (mainly basketball and cricket), food, travel, fitness, and general lifestyle.
  4. Best thing about blogging? – Thus far the best thing about my blogging journey is the connection that I’ve made with persons from across the world. 
Have A Cupcake!!!!!

Thank you for reading. 💖

© Shinavy Blogs

Let’s connect: Instagram: 📸 shinavyblogs | Twitter: 🔎 shinavy_14 | Pinterest: 🎯 shinavy_14

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