My Weightloss Journey

Over the past few years, it has been a quest of mine to become more active and be better at choosing healthier eating habits. It has indeed been a struggle for me since I didn’t mentally prepare myself for this journey, leading me to stress out unnecessarily. In the past, I would have worked out and eaten healthy for an entire week, losing between 5lbs-7lbs during that particular week. Despite dropping a good amount of pounds for a week, when I took pictures, the results would not show, leading me to feel like I looked just the same from when I started. By the start of the second week my workout sessions moved from five days a week to one and the eating, well just went back to my old eating habits. Each year I keep telling myself, you need to lose weight, you need to lose weight, this year I decided that by the end of 2019, once the LORD grants me life, I WILL reach my goal weight for this year. I have approximately five months to reach this goal and I WILL. 

Since restarting this journey, I have made it to almost three weeks with working out daily and eating healthy. Decided to take monthly pictures instead of every day or weekly. Something, I started doing was a simple fitness journal, to help keep track of my workouts and to keep me motivated. 

My Simple Workout Journal

So, for this journal, I used a regular notebook and designed it with a couple of stickers which I brought from a local company here in my country. In this journal, which I do weekly, consist of some affirmations that I will read each day for a particular week, my workout schedule, my current weight and the goal that I set for a particular week. This has been working a lot for me, glad I started it. 

I brought my stickers from a local company in my country by the name of itsprettyproductive feel free to check it out.


Eating Habits 

I not on any specific diet plan, however, I eat in moderation, cut back on unhealthy snacks and juices, I drink juice most times once a week or twice, which is usually a half cup, other than that I just drink water. A big change in my eating is late-night binge eating. To help with that I will eat dinner at a relatively okay time, to not feel hungry at later hours. However, if I do feel hungry I just drink some water or eat a serving of nuts and then I’m good. 

The following is just a sample of what I eat in a day:

Pre- Breakfast

Upon waking, I drink a bottle of water, about an hour later the hunger will start to kick in so I’ll serve myself a bowl of fruit. 




My breakfast ninety percent of the time consists of a mixture of yogurt and granola. 




For lunch, usually I have a simple salad or if I’m out, I try my best to choose a healthier option. 




Dinner usually consists of a meal from breakfast or lunch. 

Thank you for reading. 💖

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4 thoughts on “My Weightloss Journey

  1. I love the journal idea!😊 Weight loss is always a challenge but when it comes to improving our overall health it is a challenge we should not ignore. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I would also add that no matter what your end of week results reflects stay committed to the process and you would eventually see and feel the results of your hard work.

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