Mixup Mondays #14

Sometimes we may be caught up in our jobs, school, parenting etc. and forget to invest in ourselves. Self care is one of the most important thing a person can do for themselves, it doesn’t need to be extravagant, could be very simple yet effective. In today’s blog post I will be sharing with you … More Mixup Mondays #14

Mixup Mondays #13

Trusting that everyone had a wonderful weekend, could you believe that May is already approaching, just some weeks ago we were celebrating the new year of 2018. Time flies by so fast. I have been on little break from the internet for just about two weeks, sometimes you just need a mental break. The internet … More Mixup Mondays #13

Mixup Mondays #12

Blessed day to all, in this edition of “Mixup Mondays” I will be doing a challenge that I was nominated for by David Speaks if you haven’t yet please click on the link provided to check him out. This challenge is called “3 Days 3 Quotes”, thank you David for tagging me.  Day 1 – Quote … More Mixup Mondays #12

Mixup Mondays #11

Hey guys, didn’t post last week because of connectivity issues, however I’m back again with yet another post on this beautiful Monday. Today’s post I’m sharing with you a gift item that I got on my birthday back on February 14th 2018. My cousin gifted me this pair of gold worded cuff bracelets engraved them were: … More Mixup Mondays #11

Mixup Mondays #8

Happy Monday, welcome back to my blog. For this edition of “Mixup Mondays” I’d be doing yet another fun post. Recently, came across David’s post over at David Speaks for an 18 Songs Tag. I decided to do this fun post because I’m a lover of music, so why not. 😁 Anyway let’s get into … More Mixup Mondays #8